author Antonio Tambato

September 1975. Monza Grand Prix. Clay Regazzoni wins on Ferrari 312 T, third Niki Lauda winner of his first F1 world championship. That was the first Formula One race I saw. I was 11 years old. 

Since then I haven't lost a GP and I have enjoyed and suffered for all the exploits of the great champions of the past and present. In this Blog, I will write my opinions on what will happen in modern F1 from today onwards. 

More recently, I have also become passionate and experienced at Sim Racing to the point of opening the first Drive Gym center in Italy: the first gym for motorsport enthusiasts and drivers. I will also post news and comments on this topic which is becoming increasingly popular and which is more and more exciting for me.

Since English is not my native language, I left my articles in Italian also in the English version of this website hoping that "google translator" can help you translating them.

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