Calendar & Regulation

Race regulation - September 2022

To join our races, you need to pass the qualifying step. The number of seats available depends on the race you chose. In general they are reserved to the first 8 or 16 drivers on the leaderbord of the qualyfing session.

The starting grid will be determined by the leadebord of the qualyfing session.

In order to guarantee equal treatment, identical cars will be used both in qualifying and in the race with the same set-up for all participants. There will be immediate time penalties for track limit violation and heavy collisions against opponents (from 3 to 5 sec). In the post-race analysis, Safety Points (SP) will be awarded or removed as per our regulations.

There is the possibility to kickout immediately a driver responsible of unethic or violent behaviour against other drivers or our staff during the race.

The final result will be the one approved by Drive Gym staff and will be based on objective data (room videos, replays and telemetry).

It is possible to dispute or challange the final risult and analyze race data, upon scheduled appointment in a date different form the race event. The time spent to analyze data and facts with our staff will be charged upto 25 Euro/hour.

All participants are strongly encouraged to arrive at the event before the events starts.

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