Race Calendar

Race events have been suspended

Elimination Qualifications

Those who wish to take part in the qualifying of the race of the month, will communicate it to the drive gym staff and will be able to run in the indicated circuit as much as they want with a minimum of 15 minutes at the list price. 

At the end of the session, our system will acquire all the laps made by the driver, inserting in the "qulification leaderboard" only his best time.

All qualifying laps will be done in the following conditions:
  • no tire wear,
  • no fuel consumption,
  • locked and identical setup for all participants,
  • no limit to the number of participants,
  • times can be recorded until 19:00 on the above date.
ONLY THE FIRST 8 in the leaderboard will participate to next Sunday's race.

Coming Race

The first 8 classified in the elimination qualifications, will be able to participate in the coming race. 

For them the race will be free.

For all the practice sessions they will do to prepare for the week before the race, will be applied a 20% discount on the list prices.

For HOTLAP events


1st Place: you will win 1 hour for free on our simulators worth 32 Euro.
2nd Place: you will receive a Drive Gym T-shirt.
3rd Place: you will receive a gym-sack or pochette  branded Drive Gym.


The car and the race track are here.

In order to ensure equal treatment, a standard car set-up will be used for all participants. There will be penalties for cutting the track, bumps against opponents and early starts. They will be applied automatically by the simulation software. The final result will be the one approved by Drive Gym staff. 

All participants are strongly encouraged to arrive at the event before the events starts.

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