Porsche 911 RSR

Car features:
Porsche was designed and developed for the 24 hours of Le Mans. It is characterized by a boxer engine of 4.0 liters, 510 hp, 6 gears and about 1250 kg of weight. The car is fast, precise and fun. The ideal choice to race in the  "green hell".


Track features:
The legendary "green hell" is a 20.854 km long track with 73 curves and it is the most famous German circuit in the world. Inaugurated in 1927, it has hosted several competitions including Formula 1 but, following Niki Lauda's serious accident in 1975, it was no longer used for F1. However, it is still one of the biggest attractions for motorsport enthusiasts.


From  September until 18th October (included).
Award ceremony Sunday, 18th October at 19:00.

Hotlap Organisation

If you wish to participate in this event, please inform the drive gym staff and you can run in the indicated circuit as much as you want with a minimum of 15 minutes at the list price. At the end of the session, our system will acquire all the laps made by the driver, putting in the "hotlap ranking" only his best time.
When the driver feels that he can no longer improve himself, he asks our staff to record the replay of his best performance. After that, he will not be able to do any more practice and/or test sessions for this hotlap challenge.
All laps of the hotlap race will be carried out under the following conditions: no tire wear, no fuel consumption, locked and identical set-up for all, no limit to the number of participants, times can be recorded up to 30 minutes before the award ceremony.

Award Ceremony

Before awarding the prizes, the top 3 winners will have the opportunity to make an exhibition race of about 15 min. (Event offered by drive gym) 

1st Place: you will win 1 hour for free on our simulators worth 32 Euro.
2nd Place: you will receive a Drive Gym T-shirt.
3rd Place: you will receive a sack or pochette marked Drive Gym.