The Race

Lamborghini Huracan GT3

Car features:

This GT3 is a bit of a challenging car to take to the limit. Its behavior reflects the characteristics of the Huracan fighting bull from which it was named after. In fact, the 600 horsepower engine and the unbalanced weight on the rear axle, make it a bit "temperamental" on the track. Driving it, however, the fun is guaranteed.


Track features:

In homage to the recent entry in the F1 2020 World Championship, we propose to our fans the famous Mugello circuit. The racetrack is characterized by a long uphill straightaway of more than 1 km surrounded by severe slope changes and by very fast, blind and challenging curves, such as the "Arrabbiata" 1 and 2. Another fundamental point is the "San Donato" curve, the first of the track, where it is important to brake as late as possible.

How to improve your lap time?

To pass the semi-finals, a time of 1 minute and 52 seconds may be sufficient. 

To achieve this goal drive gym offers you:

A] 20% discount for all training done in preparation for the race (with reservation only). Examples: 30 minutes on dynamic sim. 16 Euro (instead of 20 €), 60 min on dynamic sim. 25 Euro (instead of 32 €).

B] Personalized training sessions. Who wants to participate but his lap times are higher than 1 minute and 57 seconds, practice may not be enough. We therefore offer one-hour courses at a cost of 25 Euro where we will explain the main techniques to be faster on this track. To book the course click here.