How to join?

Sign up for the qualifying that ends on September the 17th at 24:00. You need to qualify for at least 30 min (
starting from 15 Euro).

If you reach one of the first 8 positions and your Safety Rating is A o B, you could participate for FREE to the race of September the 25
th at 7:00 PM.


How does it work?

Event Duration: ca. 45 mins.

Debriefing: presentation CAR+TRACK, tyre wear, Fuel consumptions, damage rate and pit stop (5 min.)

Endurance Race: 7 min. Warm-up. ca. 30 min race with at least 1 pit-stop. Standing start with the same positions of the elimination stage leaderbord.

Final risult homologation and award ceremony


The top 8 qualified drivers with "Safety Rating" A or B, will participate to the endurance race racing for 30 min for free (instead of  paying 26 Euro).

The winner will also get one hour gift card (32 Euro)
The second, will get a 30 min free pass (20 Euro)
The third will get a 15 min free pass (12 Euro)*

*or optionally a gadget form Drive Gym collection