Virtual Rollercoaster

With the reopening of the racing center, we implemented a new service: the Virtual Rollercoaster. Thanks to the availability of VR headsets and motion units, the simulation of this experience is quite immersive and realistic.
Prices: 2 Euro one ride. 5 Euro three rides.


Drive Gym organizes periodically a program of mini tournaments and races

For those who have a reservation for the upcoming race, Drive Gym offers a 20% discount in the week before to practice and improve themselves.

Examples: 30 min on dynamic sim. 16 Euro (instead of 20 €), 60 min on dynamic sim. 25 Euro (instead of 32 €).  

Gift cards

If you are looking for an original present for your loved ones, our Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Gold Gift Cards can be your solution.

What are they?

They are packages from one to six hours driving on one of our simulators that can be given to your friend or relative on holidays, anniversaries or birthdays. The hours of the gift card can be shared with friends.

Where can you buy them?

In our store where they will be personalized.

How much do they cost?

Prices starting from 32 Euro.

How long do they last?

One year from the date of purchase.