To participate in one of our races, each driver must pass the qualifying rounds.

These are multiple time trial races where everyone will compete in identical cars and circuits, with the same setup and track conditions. Our system records the fastest lap of each participant in a given category.

Only the top 8 qualifiers in each series will have access to their respective races.

Drivers classified from ninth to sixteenth place, could be re-qualified for the main race and, in case, will be contacted in due time.

How much do they cost?

To participate in qualifying, simply purchase at least 15 minutes of simulator driving time at the normal list prices by registering in our system.

When and how to join?

WHEN: By August 27th, 2021 at 23.00.

HOW: Come and visit us, choose the series you prefer and buy a session of at least 15 min. at the simulator (registration required).

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How to improve your lap time?

A] Check the rankings of the qualifying sessions you participated in, and compare your sectors and telemetry data with those of the fastest drivers by clicking on the links above.

B] Come to our venue and practice in our racing center, you will get tips and tricks to improve your lap time.

C] Find out about our customed Training sessions. We offer courses of one hour at a cost of 35 Euro where we will explain the main techniques to be faster on track. To book the course click here or visit us.