Gift cards

If you are looking for an original present for your loved ones, our Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Gold Gift Cards can be your solution.

What are they?

These are discounted packages of one to six hours of driving on our dynamic simulators that can be given to a friend or relative on the occasion of festivities, special events or birthdays. Gift card hours can also be shared with friends.

Where can you buy them?

In our store where they will be personalized.

How long do they last?

Up to 6 months from the date of purchase.



You can name the gift card just like any other, just add the names of the giver and the recipient (see photo below). For this, you can simply show up with the gift card in our center and immediately enjoy your gift.


The owner of the gift card has the possibility to choose the duration of his ride, having a minimum of 30 min, and to share the hours with his friends and family to race together. For example 2 hours can be divided between 4 people who will drive 30 minutes each.

The drive gym staff will cancel the used hours (or half hours) as represented in the image below.