Our mission:

Offer to all those who love driving and car racing, a professional, relaxed and safe environment where, at affordable prices, they can have fun like real drivers.

Who are our clients?

All motorsport enthusiasts of all ages are intrigued by driving on a simulator. Thanks to our training, even those who drive for the first time will have great satisfaction as well as the most experienced drivers. Both, anyway, will find pleasure from driving on professional simulators and exciting challenges on the track.

What will you find at drive gym?

8 dynamic quality simulators, 3 Virtual Reality headsets and 1 management system for races, hotlaps and customer performance monitoring. Finally, a wide choice of cars, circuits and panoramic routes.

Where are we?

We are located inside the entertainment center MOVE IN in Cerro Maggiore (MI). Easy to reach, easy to park and that offers many ideas for a fun and alternative evening.