Offer and Prices

Daily Races

Daily races of 15, 30 and 60 minutes, are designed for those who want to satisfy the need of a short experience on a simulator essentially for occasional entertainment. Our starting prices refer to a static simulator driving experience. If you are looking for a more exiting and realistic experiences, in our racing center you can find it driving on our dynamic simulators with or without a VR headseat for an extra price.

For further information, visit our racing center or contact us here.

Gift cards and Virtual Rollercoasters complete our offer

Norms of safety and obligations:

  • Children under the age of 12 can drive a dynamic simulator if accompanied by parents and comply with the minimum weight and height requirements.
  • Minimum height allowed is 150 cm (4'11 ft) and maximum height is 210 cm (6' 10 ft).
  • Minimum allowed weight is 45 kg (99.2 lb) and the maximum is 120 kg (264.5 lb).
  • Customers are aware of paying compensation if they damage the simulators..
  • No pets allowed in the property.
  • It is not allowed to sit on simulators with drinks, food, bags and various objects.
  • Customers must report to our center trainers before driving on a simulator if they have physical limitations or clinical conditions that may limit driving. (They include but are not limited to: cervical problems, back problems, broken bones, heart weakness, car sickness, nervous system disorders, epilepsy and pregnancy.)
  • Pregnant women are prohibited from driving on dynamic simulators.


  • The use of simulators is not recommended for those suffering from motion sickness.
  • The use of simulators is not recommended for those who have serious muscle or joint problems
  • You have to sit comfortably in order to avoid cramps or numbness of the muscles while driving
  • Let go of the steering wheel immediately when you lose control of the virtual car to prevent possible wrist injuries.
  • For those who drive more than 60 minutes, it is advisable to take a short break.
  • It is not recommended to drive simulators under the influence of alcohol or any type of narcotic substance.
  • We recommend the use of comfortable clothing and footwear.