It will be possible to organize qualifying sessions and track races with maximum flexibility.

In fact, you can choose from more than 50 circuits and more than 120 cars of several categories, as well as the race's duration and qualification that best suits your needs.

It is be possible to drive both alone (offline) and in a group (online):

OFFLINE - Individual Race

After choosing the car and track it is possible to do:

  • free practice sessions (with nobody in track),
  • challenge against your own ghost (which reproduces with a ghost car of your best lap)
  • race against AI of simulator (already 80% demanding).

ONLINE - Group Race

Our simulators are connected via LAN, so it is possible to organize a race on one virtual circuit where people can drive simultaneously upto max 8 pilots (equal to the number of simulators currently available).

Also we can create, for the small groups of friends, personalized servers to race against each other with their chosen cars and tracks. Here you can do practice, qualifications and races. So that our guests can have fun by competing all together in a track and car chosen by them.

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