Safety Rating

As of November 1, 2021, you can only participate in Drive Gym races if you have a Safety Rating (SR) of A or B.
There are four levels: A, B, C, D. Each level corresponds to a certain range of "safety points" (SP) that indicate the driver's ability to avoid accidents during the race.

  • Safety Rating A: from 30 to 39 safety points
  • Safety Rating B: from 20 to 29 safety points
  • Safety Rating C: from 10 to 19 safety points
  • Safety Rating D: from 0 to 9 safety points

At the first participation, any driver will be assigned the category "Safety Rating B".
After each mini-tournament organized at the Drive Gym, the replays and statistics of collisions occurred in the various races will be analyzed and recorded in our servers. In this way, safety points are assigned or removed to the responsible drivers who will receive an email with their updated SR.

It's always possible to rise from Safety rating C and D through shortlisting if your performance in qualifying is at the TOP 8 of the next scheduled races.


  • Clean race: (free of collisions with other cars, off track and other infractions) + 3 SPs
  • Fastest lap of the race: + 1 SP


- 1 SP:

  • Light collisions with another car either side or rear: The collision does not alter the race position of the two drivers and only marginally slows the lap performance of the driver taking the hit.
  • Off track with 3 or 4 wheels without time gain

- 2 SPs:

  • If you are lapped over (signaled by Blue flag), hinder the overtaking maneuver of oncoming drivers
  • Obstructing an overtaking manoeuvre of an opponent on the straight by changing position more than 2 times
  • To overtake another vehicle during yellow flag regime

- 3 SPs:

  • Bump into barriers on re-entering the track to complete the race. If the driver retires after the collision, no PS will be taken off.
  • Heavy collisions with other cars, both side and rear: The collision alters the race position of the two drivers and significantly slows down their lap performance. The responsible driver returns the position or, following the collision, the positions remain unchanged.
  • Not respecting the qualifying position during the formation lap with return of the race position.
  • Cutting the circuit (3 or 4 wheels off the track) with time gain.

- 5 SPs:

  • Cutting the circuit (3 or 4 wheels off the track) with significant time gain without slowing down to compensate for the illegal advantage.
  • Heavy collisions with other cars both side and rear: The collision alters the race position of the two drivers and significantly slows their lap performance. The responsible driver does NOT return the position. For example, violent collisions that throw the opponent out of the race and "push to pass" situations where the driver who is following throws himself into the curve using the car of the opponent in front of him as an " edge" do not care about the consequences. ** 
  • Forcing another driver off the track. ** 
  • Not respecting the position in qualifying during the formation lap without restitution of the position in the race.** 

**WARNING:  Similar situations, if detected promptly during the race, lead to the immediate exclusion of the responsible driver. If detected at the end of the race, they imply the disqualification of the responsible driver from the final result with the removal of further 5 SPs (10 SPs penalty in total).