Dynamic Simulator

In our centre there are 8 dynamic simulators. With a dynamic simulator you can better appreciate many details of real driving:

First, the impact of the G force during braking makes you understand the effort required to slow a car down at high speed, so you can feel the roll of the car around corners helping you understand when the car is at the limit of its grip, giving you the chance to correct a trajectory error more quickly. Finally, the passage on the curbs, the bumps, the tap on the back during acceleration are all accurately reproduced details that will make you rediscover the pleasure of driving a real car.

The more professional enthusiasts will be pleased to know that we have different settings of our Motion Units, to reproduce more faithfully the movements of certain categories of cars. In fact, we have dedicated settings for F1 and LMP1, GT, sports cars up to 600 hp and a specialized setting for those who love DRIFT.

These settings are the result of long hours of testing and verification done also in collaboration with professional pilots to get more accurate feedback. Also thanks to these details, we are able to offer our customers a quality simulative experience.