The telemetry service is available free-of-charge for all customers registered in our center.

With this service you can comfortably consult from your smartphone the lap times, the various sectors, speeds, braking and much more, related to your driving session on our simulators.
These data are systematically stored in our Cloud and are both via email and via WEB.

For WEB access, please watch this video.

For access via email, see below the steps on the email you received on your smartphone (tablet or pc).

Step 1

On the received email, go to "click here" and click.

Step 2

You will see a web page with a table, as in the image, where you can find all your reported times with the relative sectors for each chosen car-circuit combination.

You will also find a small square icon with the graph symbol. By clicking there you can finally access the telemetry screen.

Step 3

In the telemetry screen you can compare the selected lap with the best recorded driver in our center with the same combination of car and circuit.

In particular the parameters monitored in telemetry are: brake position, accelerator, steering angle, gears, engine revs, instantaneous speed and difference of seconds with the best lap.

To get a better idea, look at the attached image.