The telemetry service is available free-of-charge for all customers registered in our center.

With this service you can comfortably consult from your smartphone the lap times, the various sectors, speeds, braking and much more, related to your driving session on our simulators.
These data are systematically updated and stored in our Cloud and are both via email and via WEB.

How does it work?

STEP 1: 

You can find the access link both on the website, particularly on the page of the race you're interested in participating in, and in the email received with your consent.

STEP 2: 

  • On the website, you'll find the leaderboard that allows you to see if you're qualified for the race.
  • In the email, it will display a table with all your times since you started racing at the center. It will be useful for monitoring your progress as a driver. 
  • Click on the highlighted icon in the image to access your personalized telemetry.


With telemetry, you can compare the selected lap with the best registered  driver at our center with the same car and track combination.
Specifically, the parameters monitored in telemetry include: brake position, accelerator, steering angle, gears, engine revs, instantaneous speed, and the difference in seconds with the best lap.