During a driving session on our simulators you will occasionally be accompanied by our instructors. They will teach you both how to use a simulator and how to improve your driving technique in a virtual circuit. 

These are not lessons in class, but short personalized consultations to be applied immediately driving in order to optimize your lap times and your reflexes. For subscribers it will also be possible to start a course of lessons aimed at optimizing the overall performance on the track. 

Beginners and amateurs will benefit more from this approach which will lead them to drive and race in a more controlled and relaxed way.

Course content

The 5 principles to be faster on track:

- When and how to brake

- Optimum route line

- What referance points are and how to remember them

-  Track vision

- When and how to accelerate


The course includes 3 segments of 20 minutes for a total of one hour. 

Each segment includes 10 minutes of theory followed by 10 minutes of exercises on a dynamic simulator .



The cost of the course is 25 Euro.



If you are interested to this course, contact us here.