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Race Regulation February 2023

Participation in our races is on condition of passing the elimination phase which guarantees the participation of the first 8 qualifiers. The number of qualifiers ranges from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 16 distributed in 2 races depending on the period promotions. In any case, participating drivers must be in categories A or B of Safety Rating.

The starting grid will be as determined during elimination qualifying with a standstill start.

To ensure equal treatment, identical cars with locked and identical set-up will be used in both qualifying and race for all participants.
Our races are supervised by observers who can assign immediate time penalties (3 to 5 sec) for track limit violations and violent collisions against opponents.

SP (Safety Points) will then be assigned or taken away from the various participants in post-race analysis, as per internal regulations.

There is the possibility of immediate "kickout" of the driver responsible for unsportsmanlike or violent behavior towards both other riders and our staff.
It is at the discretion of Drive Gym management to re-admit such a driver to other future races.

The final result is as approved by Drive Gym staff and will be based on objective race data (footage, replays and telemetry).

Any challenges to the result and analysis of the objective race data, will be evaluated at a later date after the event. The time taken by Drive Gym staff to evaluate the dispute, will be charged up to 25 Euro/hour.

Drive Gym is not responsible for the final result in the event of accidental technical issues such as: server crashes, unexpected computer shutdowns, driving peripheral malfunctions, or other types of technical anomalies that may occur unexpectedly during a race.
Therefore, no result disputes will be accepted upon the occurrence of such situations.

All participants are strongly encouraged to arrive at the event well in advance of the race time.

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