Group Races

Event duration: 2 hours

Debriefing: presentation of the CIRCUIT+AUTO combination chosen by the group and the race conditions proposed by the Drive Gym Team (5 min.)
Performance Evaluation: the 16 drivers will race 8 at a time in free practice for 15 minutes determining a "Leaderboard " that will be highlighted on a single dedicated web page (30 min.)
Team formation: The Drive Gym Team will make suggestions for the creation of the various teams based on the results of the "Leaderboard ", but the final definition on the number and composition of the various teams (maximum 4), will be based on the decision of the group of 16 drivers involved. (10 min.)
Team Building: practice session where all drivers from each team will exchange information to be faster on the track and establish race strategies. (30 min.)
Races: the top 8 drivers in the "Leaderboard" will compete in race A, the other 8 in race B. A maximum of 2 drivers from each team will participate in each race. The starting grid used will be that of the "Leaderboard" identified above.

Points RACE B (20 min.)
Points RACE A (20 min.)

Score Races: 10 points to first, 8 points to second, 6 points to third, 5 to fourth, 4 to fifth, 3 to sixth, 2 to seventh, 1 to eighth.
At the end of the event, all the points obtained by the various participants are added together to get the overall total for each individual team.

To find out the rules click here.

Final standings and awards ceremony: 10 min.