How to participate?

To sign up for qualifying, which ends on February 18th at 24.00, you must do at least 30 minutes test on our simulators (min price 15 Euros).

If you get in the top 16 qualifiers and have a Safety rating of A or B, you will be able to participate to the 19th of February races at 19:00.

NEWS:  Drivers qualified from position 9 to 16 will partecipate to race 2 that will be held after race 1.


How does it work?

Event Duration: about 60 min

Debriefing: presentation CIRCUIT+CAR tyre consumption, fuel, damage and pit stops (5 min,)
Warm-up: 7 min test race
Gara:  Standing start with grid determined by elimination qualifying laderboard. Possibility of pit stops. Duration: 15-18 min per race.
Omologation final result and award ceremony.


All 16 qualifiers will participate to its own race for free. Extra awards will be given only to the top-three drivers of race 1.

The winner will get an 8 Euro voucher*
The second a 6 Euro voucher *
The third one a 5 Euro voucher*
alternatively expendable as an extra option for Virtual Reality